Adopted are Finding Bio Parents with DNA and Genealogy Tools

Over the years, adopted children have fought for the ability to find their biological parents.  State laws have changed slowly, and a few allow access to records, but for many the records are still closed.  Government agencies charge exorbitant fees with promises of helping find their parents for them, many taking months to get a single document, and many without success.

Technology online has helped towards the progress of joining biological families, but nothing has aided more than the explosion of DNA testing in conjunction with 'good old genealogical research'


Last year I assisted a client find her biological parents.  Through DNA we managed to start tracing her close matches that would appear on the results and build her a family tree.  We were able to glean two sides as the results that cam in, one being her maternal and the other her paternal family line.

Making contact became a little trickier, but as we got close, she first found her bio father's sister, her aunt.  From her we gained a wealth of information and she connected with her her father's family.

As things progressed, we managed to trace her mother's tree and find she had three half sisters and an aunt as well from her bio mothers line.  After years of lawyers and private detective fees, we managed to find her biological family in less than 6 months.

Of course, not all results are this easy, but the tools are out there!  If you are interested in locating your biological family or know someone that is, contact Genealogical Connect Services at