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Fees & Pricing


Research of all types are billed at $50.00/hr. plus expenses associated with doing research.  Forensic Genealogy for Estates/Probate are never done for a percentage of the estate-rather they are billed hourly as well.

Genealogy Connect Services is willing to work in blocks of time, that are agreed upon in advance and can either meet with or consult with the client on a regular basis, as the research proceeds.

Expenses are billed at cost after prior approval.  Any associated expenses with doing any research would include travel costs, admission to any research archive or facility, copies of vital records or other related government documents, genealogical databases accessed,  any photocopies, certifications.

Each project will vary somewhat in time to complete and depends on how much work is needed and where research is required.


Quote provided upon request and type of chart/report


Digitization $0.50/per photo + cost of thumb drive

Photo restoration $20.00/per photo


$50/hr + cost of record (if required by civil authorities)


Quote provided upon request and type of record and length


Genealogy Connect Services can provide multiple lectures offered on a variety genealogical subjects.  Willing to develop new lectures upon request.

Each lecture will include a syllabus, and/or PowerPoint presentation.  We can provide our own A/V equipment (including Laptop and LCD projector) upon request. 

$175 per one hour lecture plus Travel, Meals, and Lodging Expenses.

All-Day Seminars/Conferences: please inquire

Keynotes, Luncheons, and Banquets: please inquire

Genealogy Instructional Classes: please inquire