Professional Activities

Seminar Instruction - Over the years I have taught beginning level genealogy skills to friends, family, and patrons of the LDS Family History Libraries while I volunteered there.

Today, I am available for seminars, private instruction, consulting (for those wishing to do their own research) and classes at meetings/conferences.  Please contact me and let me know about your event and interest for a quote on fees for instructional help.

Lectures - Looking for speakers at a local historical group or family history group meeting?  Or perhaps you’re in need of a speaker for a larger genealogy conference or event? 

I have several specialty lectures already designed and can develop new ones based on your specific need.  Let me know what you’re looking for and I can put together exactly what you need.  Check out our fee schedule for lectures, and contact me to make your request.

The Sons of Bartlett Hawkins Fitzgerald Validation Project - If you are a male Fitzgerald believed to be descended from Bartlett Hawkins Fitzgerald, we want you! A Y-DNA test project has been organized and has been in progress since September 2019. The goal of the project is to confirm and determine the correct male offspring considering the rumors and mystery surrounding the number of his children. If interested, contact the project at An article about the progress of the project was recently submitted to the Virginia Genealogical Society and accepted for publication later in 2020. Stay tuned for news as the project continues.

Early Settlers of Virginia Piedmont Project - Y-DNA is supposed to be the guidepost to our paternal heritage.  The Y chromosome is passed from Father to son to son to son.  Theoretically at Y-37 and higher it should point to your surname matches.  That is unless a group does not keep the father's name.

We have a found crossover at Y-67 & Y111 that should not occur for people of different surnames.  These are all people from the same region in Virginia known as the Piedmont counties, Amherst, Nelson, and Albermarle and surrounding counties of Virginia.  We have already found this cross over between Clarkson, Fitzgerald and Mohler families, and anticipate there are more. 

Events that create these crossovers need to be investigated to hopefully help us track the original paternal lineage and assist in verifying genealogical research. 

If your ancestors were from Virgina, consider having your Y-DNA (67 or 111 markers) test done and joining our project on Family Tree DNA -