Special Services

Adoption Research

We have successfully helped clients utilize many different resources to help find their biological families.

The explosion of DNA testing has aided in finding results in cases of adoption and unknown paternity. By analyzing the types, amount, size and position of DNA segments that two or more individuals share in common, we can collaborate with genetic cousins and identify additional information in order to identify biological relationships.

Sometimes DNA tests can reveal surprises or secrets regarding an individual’s family history. They may uncover unexpected ethnicity in an individual’s background or unexpected relationships due to undocumented adoptions or illegitimacy. Our team can help research these surprise discoveries and correlate the results with your biological family history.

Heraldry, Pedigree, Family Association Submissions

Many of these organizations require detailed and documented pedigrees proving the lineal connection to a specific family, individual or group in order to gain access and membership.  We can help you research the necessary proof to link you to your desired membership and subsequently collect and supply all the required material needed to submit your application.


Forensic Genealogy

Identifying, documenting, and locating heirs to an estate require the skills of an experienced professional genealogist. We can provide estate research services for Probate Attorneys and Probate Companies.

Our professional genealogists research and document to substantiate heirs at law and provide attorneys with necessary records to complete the probate process.  We have reasonable and non-percentage based fee structures to accommodate your needs. 

We can help you with the following projects:

  • When an estate or trust distribution is held up because some of the beneficiaries cannot be found.
  • When proof of relationship to an heir is needed.
  • When due diligence is requested by the courts.
  • Or, anytime you need help identifying biological family members who are still living from historical records.

Digital Photo Preservation

Your photos are precious, but did you know they have a limited lifespan? Pictures deteriorate over time, especially if not stored properly, so it is critical to scan your photos.  If you’re holding onto a collection of old photos that you’d like to convert to digital image files, you’ve come to the right place. Our service makes it easy to scan photos to digital files.  By making the decision to digitize photos, your images will be far more accessible, allowing you to share old photos in new ways while preserving memories for future generations.

Photo digitization
Record Lookups image

Record Lookups

Just need someone to find a specific record, or not sure what type of record you need?  We can help you find and obtain the record specific to your needs.  Some of the most common records that are available to find include

  • Birth Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Death Records
  • Military Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Census Records
  • Land Records
  • Immigration Records

Record Transcription & Abstracts

A transcription for genealogical purposes is an exact copy, either handwritten or typed, of an original document. The key word here is exact. Everything should be rendered exactly as found in the original source - spelling, punctuation, abbreviations and the arrangement of text. If a word is misspelled in the original, then it should be misspelled in your transcription. If the deed you're transcribing has every other word capitalized, then your transcription should as well.

Transcription means to copy the information from an actual document or image (or PDF) based document and turn it into text that is easily readable, searchable and editable.

Most family trees allow you to add a transcription of an image (or PDF) based source when attaching it to your family tree and doing so can make your research easier in the future. Once the information from a record image is transcribed, the text is easily added to your tree in a variety of ways and is then searchable – either by you on your own computer, through your family tree program, or by others when using a collaborative online environment.

If you’ve ever transcribed the text of an old genealogy record by hand, you know how time-consuming the task can be. Even if you just plan to pull out the most important information from a record to include in your family tree the process can be daunting. Many of us simply never find the time for it – especially if we have many records that need full transcriptions.  Bring your records to us for transcription.

An abstract is a brief summary covering the most important points of a larger work. An abstract allows the reader to quickly assess the usefulness or value of a particular work, or to access information more quickly. Abstracts typically describe rather than evaluate content. However, an abstract by definition is an abbreviation; that is, something is left out in order to present the information more efficiently, and it is up to the person creating the abstract to decide what to include and what to leave out. An abstract is an important and useful tool, but is not intended to replace the original work.

If requested, we can also supplied an abstract of your document to assist in its value and importance